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Home to Nagoya and local powerhouse Toyota

About Aichi
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Top Attractions in Aichi

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Upcoming Aichi Events

Nagoya Grand Sumo July Tournament

Nagoya Grand Sumo July Tournament

Jul 19 - Aug 2nd

The Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament (7-21 July) will feature new champion Asanoyama plus a host of veterans and up-and-coming wrestlers..

Dolphins Arena (Aichi Prefectural.. 1 ¥2,900
World Cosplay Summit Championship

World Cosplay Summit Championship

Aug 1 - Aug 2nd

Hobbyist costumers are chosen by preliminaries in their countries and flown to Nagoya in order to compete in a worldwide contest..

Oasis21, Dolphins Arena,.. 1 ¥2,000

Where to eat in Aichi

Menya Hanabi

Menya Hanabi

Tom Roseveare

Menya Hanabi (麺屋はなび) serves up maze-soba (soupless ramen) in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.


Places to stay in Aichi

Hotel Crown Palais Chiryu

Hotel Crown Palais Chiryu


A mere two minute walk away from Chiryu station, this hotel holds enough inside that it isn't just perfect for a day trip ..


Dusk at Nagoya Port 14

Dusk at Nagoya Port

Vicky Amin

A short yet amazing trip to Nagoya-ko, Nagoya's port area which is popular with locals, with a variety of visitors and activities..


About Aichi

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Region Chubu
Island Honshu
Capital Nagoya
Population 7,410,719
Area 5,172.40 sq. km

Look no further than Aichi Prefecture (愛知県, Aichi-ken) as the perfect example of Japan’s perfectly balanced fusion of old and new.

One one hand, the prefecture is abundant with history; the first shogun of Japan, Minamoto Yoritomo, and the "Big 3" warlords of Japanese history-Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu-were all born in Aichi. Furthermore, Aichi has by far more temples (roughly 4,650) than any other Japanese prefecture. On the other hand, Aichi is also the industrial capital of Japan, being the home to many major companies, most notably Toyota.

Popular tourist destinations include the prefectural capital of Nagoya and its castle, the Toyota Automobile Museum, the unique Meiji Mura, and Legoland Japan. Don’t forget to try their miso-flavored dishes, Aichi’s local delicacy!

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