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The Celestine Shiba Tokyo

The Celestine Shiba Tokyo is a refined hotel created on historical Satsuma grounds. The Celestine is the ultimate inner city sanctuary, sophisticated beautiful and luxurious.

Tokyo Bay Cruises

Tokyo Bay is a winding stretch of water that offers extraordinary views of the city's skyline - not just on land. Near Shiba Celestine Hotel, there are cruises around the bay that let you appreciate Tokyo's beauty while gliding on the waters.

2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade Tokyo

The St. Patty's Day parade is the biggest Irish event in Japan and was started in 1992. Usually held around a weekend during mid-March (the actual day is 17 March), the festival sees people turn up in droves to soak in the atmosphere.

Nihonbashi's Ninben

Dashi soup stock is one of the key components of washoku or traditional Japanese cuisine, and is made from dried bonito fish flakes or katsuobushi and kombu. Ninben has been supplying high quality katsuobushi in Nihonbashi since 1699.

Tokaido Walking Tour in Shinagawa

Held on 10th March this year, the free Tokaido Walking Tour brings you through part of a historic path built by Tokugawa Ieyasu almost 400 years ago. Just for the event, a special route from Hama River Bridge to Shinagawa-shuku Koryukan will be offered.