Yokohama’s ‘Zou no Hana’ Café

Where art meets history

By Steve Morton    - 2 min read

Built on the landing site of Commodore Perry’s second visit to Japan in 1854, ‘Zou no hana’ terrace takes its name from the original dykes constructed along this waterfront which were said to resemble the shape of an elephant’s nose. Although these dykes are now gone, this area was re-opened in 2009 to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Yokohama’s foundation with the aim of providing a symbolic space in which to connect the city’s past with future by way of artistic design.

Located along Yokhama’s waterfront between Yamashita Part and Red brick warehouse, this picturesque area provides some stunning views of city along with boasting an impressive café where you relax and enjoy watching the world go by.

Designed by famous fashion designer Akira Minagawa, 'Zou no hana Café' features many unique artistic designs along with an impressive menu where you can enjoy a wide range of artistic yet, delicious culinary delights. Some recommendations include; Kamakura ham sandwiches, 'elephant cookies' or yes, you guessed it 'elephant ice cream'!

Getting there

Located on the Minato-Mirai Line, Nihon-Odori Station is the closet station where it is an easy 3 to 5 minute walk away. Follow the directions for 'Osan-bashi Pier' which is opposite this terrace

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