Fujitaya Guesthouse

Fujitaya Guesthouse

I have been to Kyoto a dozen times, but it is only now when it has sunk in, as to what this place is all is about.

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Fly Direct From Sydney to Sapporo

Fly Direct From Sydney to Sapporo

Your insider guide to the best way for Australians to fly and visit Hokkaido from a Japan travel and tourism veteran, with direct..

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Yubari Fantastic Film Festival

Yubari Fantastic Film Festival

This little town in the depths of Hokkaido hosts to what it claims to be "The most fun movie festival in the world", so it is time..

Hokkaido, Yubari, Hokkaido,.. Mar 7th - Mar 10th 11 ¥1,500
Hakodate Fish Market

Hakodate Fish Market

If the thought of eating a still alive squid will make you squirm, there are other alternatives to get close to the freshest seafood..

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Uonuma Koji Salon 6

Uonuma Koji Salon

Michael B

Take a trip to see how a truly unique Japanese product is made. The Uonuma Koji Salon offers a glimpse into amazake, a staple of..

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Yamacho Meicha 6

Yamacho Meicha

Kim B

Yamacho Meicha is located in Mori, Shizuoka, and have been selling tea and tea wares for over 100 years. The Shizuoka region is..

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