Kasukabe’s Giant Kite Festival

Kasukabe’s Giant Kite Festival

Kasukabe City's annual giant kite festival is held on May 3rd and 5th. Teams hoist kites weighing hundreds of kilograms over t..

Saitama, Large kite flying.. May 3rd - May 5th 15 Free
Peonies at Kisshoin Temple 7

Peonies at Kisshoin Temple

Kisshoin Temple a short walk from Kashiwatanaka Station on the Tsukuba Express Line displays 100 peony plants under paper parasols...

Chiba 6
Tokaen Wisteria Garden 8

Tokaen Wisteria Garden

Tokaen in Kasukabe City is renowned for ancient wisteria said to be planted by Buddhist sage Kobo Daishi.1000 year old vines are..

Saitama 7
Kasukabe Wisteria Festival

Kasukabe Wisteria Festival

Kasukabe City, Sataima Prefecture celebrates its "Fuji dori", a two kilometer long street lined with wisteria arbors in the last..

Saitama, Kasukabe, Saitama,.. Apr 28th - Apr 29th 3 Free
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Yamatane Museum of Art Cafe 6

Yamatane Museum of Art Cafe

Kim B

The Yamatane Museum of Art Cafe serves tea and seasonal wagashi, inspired by flowers currently in bloom. Access to the cafe do..

Tokyo 6
Your Japan

Your Japan

Sleiman Azizi

Heading down the back streets and owning your visit may be the best way to enjoy Japan and create lasting memories.