Restaurant Yuwa 6

Restaurant Yuwa

Yuwa is where you can eat favorites like piroshiki and borscht. The restaurant looks like it has been renovated from a house giving..

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Taoli Cantonese Cuisine 6

Taoli Cantonese Cuisine

Cantonese restaurant Touri is located on the second floor of Hotel Nikko Kumamoto. It offers a great deal with its lunch set on..

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Kumamoto Castle Restoration Update

Kumamoto Castle Restoration Update

Kumamoto City Government is planning to complete reconstruction of the outside of the castle tower by March 2021. It will be opened..

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Aso Farmland Health Challenge Hall

Aso Farmland Health Challenge Hall

Your body age can be evaluated by the machines that looked like a retro TV set, with larger than life candy coloured buttons, panels..

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レストラン ゆう和 6

レストラン ゆう和

Yui Yamaguchi


Shimomiya Shrine

Shimomiya Shrine

Ekaterina Bespyatova

Shimomiya Shrine in Aso might seem small and unremarkable, but it's home to a unique Shinto ritual that is classified as Important..

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Kokuzo Shrine 12

Kokuzo Shrine

Ekaterina Bespyatova

Kokuzo shrine is featured in the Engishiki, a thousand-year-old book from the Heian period. It's one of the oldest shrines in..

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