Inside Karasu-jo 12

Inside Karasu-jo

Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan's five original standing castles. Its wood interior, darkened by time, is severe and functional...

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Sendai International Center 10

Sendai International Center

The Sendai International Center is a multi-purpose building hosting all sorts of events including conventions, exhibitions, workshops..

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Tsutsujigaoka Tenmangu Shrine 13

Tsutsujigaoka Tenmangu Shrine

Tsutsujigaoka Tenmangu Shrine is one of hundreds of Tenmangu shrines in Japan dedicated to Tenman-Tenjin, the deity of scholarship..

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Two Fashion Streets of Tokyo

Two Fashion Streets of Tokyo

Takeshita Dori is popular with young people while Jizo Dori is popular with seniorse. Both streets are always crowded and interesting..

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Edo Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku

Edo Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku


The Edo Tokyo Museum, using both historical artifacts and hands-on exhibits, guides and educates visitors through the transition..

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