An Accidental Day in Saitama

Visiting Omiya Park, Bonsai Village and the old town of Kawagoe

By Elena Lisina    - 2 min read

I was fortunate enough to spend a fruitful day in Saitama Prefecture absorbing some wonderful memories. And all by mistake.

You see, I had originally planned to head to Toro Station to visit a couple of places famous for the art of bonsai - Bonsai Village and the Bonsai Art Museum. However, I ended up being taken to another place instead, Omiya Park and though I arrived by accident, I quite enjoyed the park with its large trees and duck-filled pond.

On the way back from the park I visited a local shrine and noticed a very unusual tree nearby. I then came across a good antique shop selling all sorts of items like pottery, silk, lamps, figurines, clocks, and dolls at very reasonable prices. I was pleased with the three kimekomi dolls I picked up. I eventually reached the Bonsai Village and enjoyed my time there.

After that I went to the old town of Kawagoe famous for its Edo period street of merchant houses that are now occupied by souvenir and sweets shops. The street looked as if it were an open-air Museum, recalling a time when people wore kimono and wooden geta sandals.

Along the way I managed to pick up a few more souvenirs and visited a temple with beautiful wooden carvings. All in all, a pleasantly accidental day in Saitama.

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Elena Lisina

Elena Lisina @shiroi.tenshi

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