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Sanja Festival 20

Sanja Festival

Sher Ying Wee

Widely considered as one of the larger and wilder festivals in Tokyo, the Sanja Matsuri attracts massive crowds over a 3 day period.

Sanja Festival in Tokyo

Sanja Festival in Tokyo

Kylie Plester

Sanja Matsuri is one of Tokyo's biggest festivals and features over 100 mikoshi floats paraded through the grounds of Senso-ji temple.

Tokyo, Asakusa Shrine, Asakusa.. May 17th - May 19th 8 Free
Sanja & Mitake Shrines 10

Sanja & Mitake Shrines

Jasper Wilkins

Sanja & Mitake Shrines are located in Ikebukuro and a 10 minute walk from the station, offering a peaceful escape from the busy streets and as well as

Tokyo 1

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