Fujinomiya City

A small but important city at the foot of Mt. Fuji

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Fujinomiya City is rather small and it's one of those places where you find most things shut after 5 pm. It's located almost right at the foot of Fuji-san. As far as I know, the best views of the volcano mountain are in autumn, sometime in November when there are more clear days than in any other season. Of course, Fuji-san can be seen in other seasons as well, but there is a higher possibility of clouds that hide it away.

There are two important places in Fujinomiya that share a connection with Fuji-san – the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center and the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha shrine. Both are worth the visit, especially before the pilgrimage ascent. There is a bus available from Fujinomiya Bus terminal to Fujinomiya 5th Station, which is located at a height of 2400 meters. This is the start of Fujinomiya Trail, open in July and August.

In addition to those two places, close to the shrine's entrance torii there is a small street where you can try local dishes including Fujinomiya yakisoba. In the same way as okonomiyaki, the yakisoba is cooked on a hot plate and you're allowed to watch the process of cooking before enjoying the dish itself. It's very nice and different, indeed! Fujinomiya also boasts wonderful spring water, with a stormy river flowing across the city until it reaches the Urui River.

Fuji Takasego Sake Brewery produces special sake using the sub-soil water flowing from Fuji-san. Its taste is mild and sweet, and samples are available at the Brewery itself, located close to Nishi-Fujinomiya Station. In Fujinomiya you can find some nice shops selling kimono, Japanese tea grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, pickles and sweets, stationery and more. The smaller shops are open until 5 pm, but you'll find a big AEON Mall complex in the region which opens until 10 pm. It contains all kinds of shops and a food court located on the ground floor. My choice is always a traditional Japanese kitchen!

Getting there

Fujinomiya can be reached from Tokyo via the JR Tokaido Line until you reach Fuji Station. From there, transfer to JR Minobu Line all the way to Fujinomiya. The area can also be reached by the Yakisoba Express or Kaguyahime Express buses departing from Tokyo Station.

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