Okuoi Kojo Station

The unmanned station in the middle of a river

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In Kawane-Honcho, Shizuoka Prefecture, if you are willing to take a two-hour train ride from Kanaya, you can see some of the most beautiful Shizuoka landscapes. The highlight of the trip is a curious train station, Okuoi Kojo Station, located on a tiny island in a river.

Rainbow Bridge

When you arrive at the unmanned station, you'll see the "Happy Happy Bell" to the right of some stairs. Ring this bell with your partner, and the reverberation is supposed to bring you happiness. The walking path begins here. Walk along a bridge that parallels the railroad. At the top of the stairs, you'll arrive at "Rainbow Bridge", a good place to take iconic photos of the station. After taking some photos, you can continue on to the Love Romance Road bridges.

The Eight Bridges of Love Romance Road

From Rainbow Bridge, walk along the roadway for a few minutes. This road leads to a white suspension bridge. This bridge serves as the entrance to Love Romance Road. While you're not required to fall in love with your partner while walking this road, the magnificent view might inspire you to. Each bridge has a different style, so those interested in bridge architecture may enjoy the intricacies in the designs. The walk takes about 20 minutes, revealing great views.

Finishing Your Day Trip

After your stroll, there are some places to visit. You'll see local onsens, and some restaurants that serve Shizuoka's famous soul food, oden. Oden is a savory stew of boiled eggs, meat, and daikon simmered in dashi broth. Shizuoka's version uses soy sauce and beef stock for hearty flavor.

Your walk ends near Sesso-kyo Onsen Station. The last train returning train leaves at 4:30 p.m. If you would rather stay, book a night at one of the nearby authentic Japanese guest houses.

Getting there

Starting in Shizuoka City, take the JR Tokaido Line to Kanaya Station (approximately 45 minutes) and transfer to the Oigawa Railway. Depending on your timing, the Steam Locomotive Pass may be available for a ride on an authentic steam locomotive. The conductors play games with the passengers and explain some of the history of the route. The trip ends at Senzu Station, Transfer just one more time to the Ikawa Line. Ride 50 minutes to Okuoi Kojo Station (total trip time approximately 3 hours).

*Price listed is for purchasing a two-day or three-day all-you-can-ride pass, cheaper than a round trip ticket. A ride on the steam locomotive is an additional 820 yen.

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