Tempura Tendon Tenya in Shinjuku

Plain but delicious meal

By Watchanol Ampornpiriyakul    - 1 min read

Tempura is a fried food that uses seafood and vegetables. It came to Japan in the 16th Century or Edo period by Portuguese who came to spread religion. During that time, tempura was a snack or appetizer. Due to its popularity, it improved over time. It became one of the Japanese foods that is recognized around the world. Tempura can mean a selection of dishes: Tendon (tempura served on rice with sweet sauce), Tempura Soba (soba topping with tempura), or Tempura Udon. It comes via their À la carte or in a set served with soup and fermented veggies, or soba topping with tempura served with seasonal side dishes. Tempura is eaten with sauce made from soup and soy sauce mixed with fermented ginger and grated turnip.

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